Terms & Conditions



  • Please read the following terms and conditions of using Supareap carefully.

  • In the subsequent text, the words “we” “us” ”our” and “Site” are referred to Supareap.

  • Supareap works by merging in a commission-based partnership with our merchant partners (referred to as “Affiliate merchants” in the text). The customers and Site visitors are referred to as “Users”.

  • As a User when you access, use and purchase from the Site, you are required to understand, agree and abide by the conditions of Supareap.

  • If the Site decides to amend the terms and conditions in any manner, this page will be updated with the revised version to let our Users know about it. Visit this page frequently to stay informed about our latest version of terms and conditions.

  • By sccessing the Site, the User automatically agrees to all current Terms and the Terms that maybe amended in the near future. Supraeap will not be responsible if the User is not updated on the amended Terms.

  • If the User disagrees to comply by our terms, you are not authorized to use this Site in any manner. You should terminate your registration, username and password.



  • Supareap grants you a restricted, non-transferable license to access the Site and use it for personal purpose of utilizing Supareap’s offerings. Access to the Site in any other manner (resale or commercial use) is equivalent to breach of the Terms and Conditions and the applicable copyright and trademark laws.

  • This license does not allow the User to collect, redistribute, reproduce, sell, resell and misuse any of the Site’s products, details, or prices for any non-personal motive.

  • This license does not allow the User to download or copy any information for the purpose of benefitting any other merchant; or use data mining, robots, spiders, scrapers, web crawlers, indexing agents, or any other tool to gather details and information of the products and content from the Site.

  • The User is not licensed to use any meta tags or hidden text of any regard that can exploit Supareap’s esteem without any written consent.

  • The User pledges to us that all information provided to Supareap while accessing and purchasing from the Site, is genuine, indisputable and complete of your knowledge.

  • Any right that is not exclusively mentioned to be granted to the User, in this page, is automatically considered to be retained by the Site, its licensors, publishers, suppliers, rights-holders, or other content providers.

  • The User cannot utilize any logo, trademark, image, text, page layout or propriety information of any regard without written consent from the authority of Supareap.

  • The User is required to respect Supareap’s terms of License.

  • Non compliance of any condition will result in mandatory termination of the granted license.



User is encouraged to go through our Privacy Policy in detail and understand the terms of privacy. Here at Supareap we have a very high opinion of our User’s information that you provide us with or the information that we gather and we will not breach it at any cost.



  • Supraeap provides online coupons as a free service to its Users.

  • The Site is not responsible for the redemption, errors or expiration of any of the online coupons.

  • It is the User’s responsibility to make sure that a discount or free offer is present on the particular online coupon you plan to purchase.

  • All offers and promotions on this site are subject to change without notice.

  • Supraeap is not responsible for the legality of any coupons or other offers made by the merchants.

  • Supraeap is not responsible for the quality of the goods offered by the merchants and whether or not the merchants complete the sales in accordance with the offers.

  • In case of a dispute between any merchant and the User, in any way relating to the Site, you agree to waive the Site from all claims, demands damages, losses, costs or expenses of every kind and nature, known and unknown, disclosed and undisclosed relating to that dispute.



  • Supareap solely reserves the right to terminate the access of any User to a certain portion or the entire website by suspending the registration, username and password. The User will be notified about the termination of access to the Site.

  • Supraeap reserves the right to terminate any registration, username and password that is inactive for 18 consecutive months.

  • Once the User is given notice of the termination, you are obliged to erase all contents acquired from the Site unethically.

  • To re-access the Site, once the User is terminated, the User will require written grant from the Site, without which the User cannot access the Site again.

  • Following are the reasons of termination of any User:

  1. Non-traceable IP

  2. Unauthorized username or password

  3. Violation of any condition or law mentioned anywhere on the Site between the User and the Site.



While accessing and using the Site, the User is obliged to abide by the applicable rules, regulations and limitations mentioned by the Site. The User is understood to comply with the local policies of online conduct.

Following actions are considered to be a breach in the User’s code of conduct:

  • Unlawful and illegal usage of the Site.

  • Induction of any virus, worm, cancelbot, time bomb, Trojan horse, malware or any other kind of computer program that can damage or expropriate data and information from the Site.

  • Transmission of any illicit, deceitful, slanderous, threatening, irksome, pornographic, blasphemous, libelous, seductive violent, impertinent or any other offensive or disagreeable material.

  • Transmission of any investment policy, scheme, or advertisment of any other company

  • Induction of a disproportionately heavy load on the Site that results in interferring the with the functioning of Site and preventing other Users to swiftly run the Site.



  • Supareap has taken appropriate measures to maximum extent to protect all information and details, personal or non personal, of their Users.

  • Nevertheless, we do not take cent percent guarantee that such inofrmation cannot be transmitted or leaked by any unfair means.

  • The User is solely responsbile for protecting his own confidential details including all usernames or passwords used in connection with the Site.

  • In case the User discovers any unfair access of his information by a third party and not operated by you, you agree to report about such incident to Supraeap.



  • The Site contains numerous links that connect to any other third party website (not operated by Supraeap). We do not take any responsibility for the type of content posted on such websites.

  • We do not represent those websites, if the User finds any offensive, unethical or fraudulent material on those websites, Supraeap is not responsible.

  • Supraeap does not endorse any of the websites linked to us via hyperlinks.

  • The User understands that any access to those hyperlinks are completely at your own risk and Supraeap takes no responsibility of the damage or loss suffered by the User from those websites.

  • Supraeap is not responsible are the availability, operation or functioning of those third party websites.

  • Usage of the logo of Supraeap, except as a hyperlink to the Site itself, is considered a violation of the Terms and Usage agreement. Written permission from Supraeap is necessary for using the logo as a hyperlink to the Site.

  • You cannot use the hyperlink of Supraeap on your website or your hyperlink on the Site in any regards that represents Supraeap endorsing or publicizing your services or products

  • The Site reserves the right to request you to remove the hyperlinks of Supraeap from yuor webpage, with or without stating any particular cause.

  • You are not allowed to use the offical logo of Supraeap in any manner otherwise stated in these Terms.



Whatever the circumstances or events maybe, Supraeap, its merchants, contractors, suppliers, officers, workers or representating agents are in no manner liable to the User for:

  • Any costs or loss or damages resulting from a dispute between the User and the third party (store or merchant)

  • Supraeap does not represent or guarantees the quality of any products or services offered by the merchants and the stores

  • Supraeap does not represent or guarantees that the access to this Site will always be uninterrupted

  • Supraeap does not take responsibility of any loss or damage caused to the User by access or inability to access the Site

  • Supraeap is not liable for any damages, claims or losses caused by or arising in connection with our omission in administering the Site or the purchase or use of any products or services of merchants or suppliers, even if Supraeap has been advised of the possibility of such damages, claims, or losses.

  • The User agrees to remunerate and hold Supraeap, its merchants, contractors, suppliers, officers, workers or representating agents unobjectionable from all sorts of claims or demands, that may arise as a result of a fault at the end of the merchant or supplier or the Site itself.

  • The User can only participate in the Site, as much participation is allowed by our rules and laws.

  • Any refusal to enroll a new User is a decision solely made by Supraeap.

  • Supraeap may terminate or suspend any User’s registration without being liable to the User in any regard.

  • The User acknowledges that all rights of the content of the Site are held by Supraeap. These contents include but not limited to: text, sounds, photographs, graphics, advertisements, trademarks, service marks, patents or messages, whether by Supraeap or Supraeap’s merchants.

  • Access of the Site through your registered username and password does not transfers any of these rights to the User or the third party.



As all products and goods purchased from Supraeap or any merchant through Surpaeap are shipped to the User’s address, there remains a loop hole of the purchased item being misplaced or lost during the shipment process. Supraeap is in no manner liable for the misplaced items in this regard.



Here at Supraeap, we have made sure that all possible details of the item are mentioned and in no regard the information is delibrately hidden from the User. However, the Site does not proclaim that the product or service description, its contentgraphics are genuine, up to date and precise.



  • The aforementioned Terms and Conditions of Usage and the Privacy Policy combinely represent the complete agreement between the User and the Site, containing clauses of accessing, using and transfering data from the Site. Both these conditions (Terms and Privacy Policy will be regularly updated).

  • The latest updated copy of Terms and Conditions of Usage will always be considered complete, valid, authoritative, genuine and applicable. In case of dispute or action arising in connection with the Terms, the User agrees to not challenge the authenticity and enforceability of our copy of Terms.

  • These Terms do not grant any rights or benefits to any person other than you.

  • The Site has the right to assign rights under the Terms at any instant of time to any merchant, store or any other third aprty without informing the User, but the User is obliged to obtain a written consent from the Site before any such step.

  • If any provision of these Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be stricken and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

  • Any evidence proving the use of the Site for any illegal purpose by the User or any thirs party will be noticed to the law enforcement authorities.

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